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Paua Marine Research Group seeks to provide quality marine environmental consulting and research to help guide effective management and conservation of coastal habitats and protected marine species.     

From abalone and rockfish to kelp forests and eelgrass beds, PMRG biologists specialize in habitat and species monitoring and development of long-term conservation, mitigation, and management strategies for public and private entities. 


We are involved in a variety of coastal and estuarine projects from habitat mitigation to recovery of endangered species. Explore some of our past and present projects by clicking below. If you have any questions or are interested in a possible collaboration, get in touch!


We have been involved in some interesting research and have worked with some amazing partners over the years. Check out a selection of our favorite publications and other resources related to projects we are a part of! 



We are a group of marine scientists with extensive experience in California marine ecology, resource management and policy, and environmental consulting. 

PMRG is dedicated to furthering biological knowledge of coastal habitats and protected species to promote effective management and conservation activities.  We are passionate, collaborative and effective in performing field research and developing high-quality project deliverables.  We aim to become a regionally recognized name in marine research, capitalizing on a consistent need for data and analysis.  Our goal is to get out on the water, answer difficult research questions and have a good time doing it. 


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