Resources & Publications

Below are several publications authored by our team members and partners related to some of the projects we have been involved in over the years as well as additional resources that may provide useful in your endeavors to learn more about the species and habitats we work with!


But first, we want to recognize a few of our wonderful partners below. 

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Tanner, R.L., A.K. Obaza, D.W. Ginsburg. 2019. Secondary production of kelp bass Paralabrax clathratus in relation to coastal eelgrass Zostera marina habitat in a Southern California Marine Protected Area. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 118(3): 158-172. View pdf


Andrews, K., K. Nichols, C. Harvey, N. Tolimieri, A. Obaza, R. Garner and D. Tonnes. 2019. All hands on deck: local ecological knowledge and expert volunteers contribute to the first delisting of a marine fish species under the Endangered Species Act. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice 4(1): 1-14 DO: View pdf


Obaza, A., A. Bird, J. Selleck and D. Tonnes. 2019. Results from young-of-year rockfish surveys in Puget Sound; 2015-2018. Report to NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region, Protected Resources Division Puget Sound Ecosystem Branch. 13 pp. View pdf


Obaza, A., D. Ginsburg, A. Bird and R. Ware. 2019. Southern California open coast eelgrass survey summary: 2018 field season. 21 pp. View pdf


Bird, A. 2018. Determining population structure, reproductive potential, and habitat associations of pinto abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana) in Southern California. Master's Thesis to California State University, Fullerton. 107 pp. View pdf


Obaza, A.K., and J.P. Williams. 2018. Spatial and temporal dynamics of the overwater structure fouling community in southern California. Marine and Freshwater Research 69(11): 1771-1783. View pdf


Obaza, A., A. Bird, M. Neuman and D. Witting. 2018. Abalone surveys and research at San Nicolas Island, CA. Report to the US Navy under Agreement#WCR-1511. 24 pp. View pdf


Marks, L.M. D.C. Reed, A.K. Obaza. 2017. Assessment of control methods for the invasive seaweed Sargassum horneri in California, USA. Management of Biological Invasions 8(2): 205-213. View pdf


Obaza, A., R. Hoffman and R. Clausing. 2015. Long-term stability of eelgrass fish assemblages in two highly developed coastal estuaries. Fisheries Management and Ecology 22(3): 224-238. View pdf


Training Materials & Maps

Young-of-Year Rockfish Survey Presentation - This presentation will guide you through how to survey YOY rockfish for NOAA's citizen science research program in Puget Sound. Download to hard drive, select "Slide Show" and "Play from Beginning" to hear Adam describe survey protocol in detail. Download here

Young-of-Year Survey Guide - Seattle Aquarium pdf guide to surveying YOY rockfish for NOAA's citizen science research program in Puget Sound. Download here

Interactive map of YOY survey sites in Puget Sound, WA! Check it out here


Results from Young-of-the-Year Rockfish Surveys in the southern Salish Sea 2015-2020 Download here

2019 Young-of-Year Survey Program - Year in Review. Download here