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Eelgrass Transplant & Monitoring

Eelgrass is a valuable coastal habitat that is often subject to degradation from coastal development. PMRG has experience identifying impacts as well as designing and implementing mitigation in accordance with the California Eelgrass Mitigation Policy. 

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Invasive Species Surveys

Non-native species may be facilitated by artificial structures (e.g. docks, mariculture) or subtidal activity (e.g. dredges, pile driving). PMRG staff have the expertise to identify and survey these organisms to meet policy standards like the Caulerpa Control Protocol.

Sensitive Habitats

Identifying locations of valuable coastal habitats is helpful for avoiding and reducing impacts during coastal development and better understanding biological processes. PMRG has successfully mapped many such habitats including rocky reef, kelp (and other macroalgae), eelgrass and oyster beds.


Biological Impact Assessments

PMRG can synthesize data on location of natural resources with coastal development project details into an estimate of impact quantity and severity; a necessary step in conservation of natural resources.

Protected Species

PMRG biologists have designed and implemented studies on species listed under the Endangered Species Act (e.g. population and habitat surveys) as well as assisted in development of recovery plans.

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Underwater Photography and Videography

Taking a bad photo underwater is very easy. PMRG understands the value of high quality images in telling a conservation story. Photos from PMRG biologists have won awards and are featured in various outlets. We have partnered with SubAqua Imaging Systems and Pisces Design to deploy cameras and analyze time-lapse imagery to study organismal behavior, movement patterns and habitat characteristics in situ

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